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BBB Industries

Industry: Manufacturing/Automotive Aftermarket Parts
Investment Date: Jun-07
Company Location: Mobile, Alabama
Fund: III

A leading supplier of remanufactured and new starters and alternators for the automotive, light truck, and heavy-duty vehicle aftermarket. BBB has over 2,000 employees and serves a diverse customer base of warehouse distributors, independent automotive parts retailers, and big-box automotive parts retailers.


Add-on Target Description: BBB seeks to acquire businesses serving the automotive aftermarket in North America as well as in select foreign markets. BBB has a long and successful track record of acquiring aftermarket businesses in the rotating electrical, heavy duty, steering product, and brake caliper product lines. BBB continues to have interest in acquiring businesses in these existing product segments, as well as new product segments with a particular interest in non-discretionary replacement parts. BBB has consistently succeeded in helping to grow acquired business lines through the application of its world-class manufacturing capabilities to improve product quality, fill rates and overall customer experience.


Add-on Target Location(s): Global 


Add-on Target Size: Revenue in excess of $5 million

"Windjammer has provided strategic direction and resources to assist our management team in the achievement of the company’s growth objectives. With the speed at which business moves today, you need a seasoned partner and adviser at your side – one who knows your industry, is readily accessible and capable of giving straightforward and independent support and advice."

Greg Tucholski, CEO
Protective Industries