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JWC Environmental

Industry: Manufacturing/Wastewater Treatment Equipment
Investment Date: Aug-11
Company Location: Costa Mesa, California
Fund: III

Headquartered in Costa Mesa, California, with operations in California, Georgia, the UK and China, JWC is one of the most recognized brands in the wastewater treatment equipment industry. JWC manufactures and services over 200 highly engineered variations of grinders, screens and processing systems, including the legendary Muffin Monster sewage grinder. Over 25,000 Muffin Monsters are installed globally to grind up the solid debris that ends up in wastewater pump stations, pipelines and sludge lines. The dual-shafted grinder protects pumps and downstream systems from clogging and potential damage.


Add-on Target Description:  JWC seeks to acquire businesses serving the wastewater treatment equipment industry across a range of end markets including the municipal, commercial, and industrial markets. Products in which JWC is interested include, but are not limited to, both wet and dry shredders, grinders, screens, separation equipment and engineered process equipment.  Municipal markets continue to be an area of focus for JWC; however, JWC has a particular interest in acquiring manufacturers with an industrial market focus as the Company is keenly interested in growing its industrial product line to enter new industrial verticals.  JWC is also interested in acquiring a complementary business with a substantial portion of its revenue in Asia, Europe or Latin America.


Add-on Target Location(s):  Global


Add-on Target Size:  Revenue in excess of $10 million; profitable

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Greg Tucholski, CEO
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