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  Minority Equity / Subordinated Debt

Investment Strategy

      Control Equity
      Minority Equity/
      Subordinated Debt

Since its inception, Windjammer has been successfully partnering with family-owned businesses by providing flexible minority equity and subordinated debt capital, as well as by serving as a board member. We recognize that through a wide variety of economic and capital cycles, each company will face its own unique set of opportunities and challenges. As an experienced, long-term partner, we can provide a flexible capital structure and the guidance that will allow each company to execute on its strategic plans.

Windjammer invests subordinated debt, preferred stock and common equity to support the following types of transactions:

Acquisition Financing to assist companies with acquisitions and/or to consolidate other industry participants.

Dividend Recapitalizations for owners seeking to diversify their net worth.

Internal Growth Initiatives such as new product extensions or capital expenditure projects.

Debt and Equity Recapitalizations that provide a more patient capital base and improves cash flow.

"Windjammer was very willing to invest in the business to improve our operations. Also, their ability to provide both the equity and the subordinated debt was a key differentiating factor in enabling the initial transaction to get done in December 2008 during the height of the credit crisis."

Ray Turcotte, CFO
ST Specialty Foods